About a session…

Life goes so fast these days (I often think too fast, but that is another topic!).  I treasure being a photographer as a way to capture moments that we’ll never get back.  I primarily photograph children and families in natural, relaxed environments. I believe a photo session should be fun.  Nothing looks worse to me than forced smiles and cheesy settings.  My sessions generally last anywhere from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the number of people involved, the weather, energy levels and anything else that comes along.

I love natural light.  A session can be outside at the beach, at a park, or in your yard (and lots of other places…).  Sunrise and sunset light is the most beautiful, so my outdoor sessions are usually in the evening or early morning.  A session can also be in your home on a bright day.

I love kids.  With three small boys of my own, trust me when I say that I love how children shine with crazy energy.  I love their spontaneity, giggles, and imaginations.  I promise to spend time getting to know your children, not just sticking my camera in their face.  I also understand how hard it can be for a little one to “be good” for an entire session.  Don’t worry, I guarantee that there is NOTHING your kiddo can do that I haven’t seen before.  We will have fun, burn up some energy and take pictures all at once.  Don’t worry!