Monthly Archives: April 2010

Growing up

One of the many treats of this job is getting to watch little ones grow up.  I first met this little guy when he was a week old.  I can’t believe how big he is!   He’s lucky to have an awesome mom and dad…and they are lucky to have him!

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Family Style

I think every family has its own signature style: some are serious, some are silly, some are shy and too many these days are stressed.  My family usually strikes me as mildly controlled chaos tinged with lots of action and fun.  I could write a novel on that topic, which is not the point of […]

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Newborn love

I know there are lots of folks in the world who find the newborn stage tough.  I am the first to say that sleeplessness is overrated.  That admission aside, I love pretty much everything else about newborns.  From the peeling skin, little old man hair-dos, and the milk-bump noses, to their tiny toes and sweet […]

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