Taking a break….

This is a decision I have been mulling for a while, but am finally ready to make the big jump:  I am going to take a break from photography for a while in order to focus more on my family (see below) and our crazy life!  Sometimes we just can’t do everything, and I feel like now is that time!  Soooooo, although it makes me a little sad to admit it, I will not be booking new sessions for a while.  I will let you know when I am in back in action!

Thanks for your understanding,


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Sweet baby

There is nothing sweeter than a tiny baby.  This little lady was beyond fantastic, and I am not sure she could be any cuter.  A huge congrats to her proud parents!  I hope you are getting some sleep!  Enjoy!



This awesome family had to wait for college Thanksgiving break to be together.  Kudos to them for fitting photos into their holiday time!  They made my job beyond easy as we laughed our way through the session.  They were so enjoyable to photograph.  Enjoy!

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This awesome family is another repeat client.  I absolutely love their style.  I always admire people who like to do it their own way.   I could stay in their backyard for hours capturing some pure boy fun, and lots of family love.  The best part is the way it shows in their photos!  Enjoy!

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Fall Fun

I love photographing a family more than once.  It is so fun to see how much kids change over a year or two.  I cannot believe how big these two kiddos are!  This beautiful family and I went in search of fall colors.  They were all smiles, laughs and fun.  Thanks for such a great session!  Enjoy!

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